Output nodes


This section of the documentation is a list of all the nodes that have been implemented in Quantum Nodes.
We recommend you try and practice all these nodes in Blender to really see what they can create as the content of this list can be difficult to visualize.

Quantum Circuit Get Count

Input: Quantum Circuit
Output: Counts

Usage: Applies the following code : quantum_circuit.measure_all()
return execute(quantum_circuit,Aer.get_backend('qasm_simulator')).result().get_counts()

Quantum circuit get count

Init Quantum Register

Input 1: Quantum circuit, index of the qubit to measure, index of the qubit from which to measure on
Input 2: Quantum Circuit

Usage: Measures the chosen qubit OR all qubits.

Quantum register

Quantum Circuit Output State

Input 1: Quantum Circuit

Usage: Returns the state of the circuit.

Quantum circuit output state

Quantum Circuit IBM Output

Input 1: Quantum Circuit

Usage: Send the quantum circuit to be computed by IBM quantum computers instead of the Blender simulation.

Quantum circuit ibm output