Qiskit and computers

We have seen how quantum circuits work, but now in order to use them we have to know how to make quantum computers, or at least quantum computer simulators, read them. | That is why IBM created Qiskit, a library that allows you to create quantum circuits and have them read by a simulator, or even send them on real quantum computers.

Following the processing of the quantum circuits, it is possible to get the results.
In our case for example we will be able to obtain the histogram of the probabilities or the state vector of the qubits.


Quantum Nodes works thanks to Qiskit. Based on the Animation Nodes add-on, Quantum Nodes provides nodes that allow you to create quantum circuits, have them read by a simulator and retrieve the results. Now that you know more about how quantum circuits and Quantum Nodes work, it is time to create our first algorithms on Blender! 😉